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The 2019 Summary and Commendation Conference

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On the afternoon of January 20, 2020, Jiangsu Jiahe Machinery Group Co., LTD. held the 2019 annual summary and commendation meeting in Gaoyou China Automobile Center (Gaoyou) Automobile Science and Technology Innovation Park.





At the meeting, Li Baomin, chairman of the group, made an excellent speech on the situation of the automobile market, the future development direction of the market and the challenge of the market the group was facing, how to adapt to the market, how to adjust and transform. Zhou Haifeng, vice President of the group, made a comprehensive and objective analysis of the achievements and shortcomings in 2019, and put forward prospects and requirements for the work in 2020. Li Hongtu, President of the group, announced the award decision of excellent employees and advanced individuals in production safety in 2019. Outstanding employee representative George schaefer, Zuo Wendan, safety advanced personal representative Zhang Zhengliang made the speech.


At the end of the meeting, Li Baomin, chairman of the group, signed the 2020 production safety responsibility statement with the joint stock company and new energy company. The meeting was chaired by Zhou Haifeng.

All the management and technical personnel of the joint stock company, representatives of employees of Yangzhou factory and new energy factory attended the meeting. This meeting also through the network video to Liuzhou factory, Chongqing factory, Weihai factory for on-site transmission.

Dinner for outstanding employees



The golden pig bid farewell to the old year, the jade rat welcomed the New Year! January 20 was a day of celebration. More than 220 employees of Jiahe Machinery Group gathered together in Gayou Jiaxi hotel and held the "year of the rat 2020 gala and dinner celebration for outstanding employees" with the theme of "Sail away and achieve greater glory".

In the course of the annual meeting, we laughed and drank together, enjoyed the performances carefully prepared by all of us, enjoyed the feast, and witnessed the creation of a lucky award.



Jiahe walks with you, ideal achievement future


The rousing welcome song kicked off the Spring Festival, and the festive red carpet has been rolled out for colleagues. In this joyous gathering day, guests and employees dressed up and entered the hall. At the signing table, they showed their bright smiles, graceful posture and handsome appearance. A wave of the hand and a smile all convey the joy and positive energy of Jiahe people.   



Highlights of the party


Eventful years and a year, with a firm step, ignite the youth of the past, with a happy movement, build the dream of spring, all the way you; Hand in hand, the future can be!

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